Pandemic Response

Keep your employees safe and compliant with CareBand’s Contact Tracing Solution. 

Solutions can be mixed and matched for your use case

The system is easy to set up, configure, test, and manage. The components can be customized for function and be white-labeled

Complete Solution

CareBand provides a flexible, affordable hardware and software solution
for governments, manufacturers, universities, and corporations.


Used as an alternative to smartphone-based systems, there are two wearable options CareBand Contact and CareBand 3. Both devices come with our proprietary machine learning model to detect contacts within 6 ft and can be used for contact tracing, proximity monitoring, and/or hotspot detection.

Compare ST19 vs ST20

Enterprise Dashboard

Web-based enterprise dashboard is for system administrators to manage devices, users, and reports. When a COVID-19 case is detected in a community, CareBand automatically generates a report of all individuals who were within 6’ of that case for 15 minutes.

Check visitors in and out

Notifications & Reports

Once a case is confirmed, the system can be configured to automatically notify all close contacts via SMS, email, or phone call. There is also an option to manage visitors and check-in with visitors after 24 hours.

Powered by LoRaWAN® and BLE

Low-power, wide-area networks enable long battery life, easy setup, and secure communication without using wifi or cellular. LoRaWAN and BLE together provide a strong package for pandemic response.

How it works?

Return to School Safely

A complete COVID-management program includes three components:
prevention, surveillance, and contact tracing. There are countless publications
on all three of these elements, but little attention is given to measuring the
performance of each. Read our whitepaper to learn how to assess effectiveness and support decision-making for your organization.

Download Whitepaper

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Starter Kit

Get everything you need for a pilot. This starter kit includes two CareBand Contact devices and a free 3-month software subscription to the Enterprise Dashboard.

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