Compliance & Safety


In 2018 alone there were 5,250 worker deaths in the United States – that’s more than 14 workers per day that didn’t make it home from their jobs. Of all worker fatalities in the US, over 20% occur in the construction industry. Over one third of these deaths are the result of falls and roughly another 11% are the result of being struck by an object.

In workplace accidents, emergency response time can mean the difference between life and death. But what happens if there’s nobody around to call for help? Even if workers are taking precautions not to work alone, there are incidents every year where multiple employees are injured in an accident, such as in scaffolding collapses.

CareBand can help to accelerate the time to respond to such emergencies.

  • Detect impact such as a fall from height or when a worker is struck by an object
  • Vibrate to alert the wearer that a significant impact has been detected and if the wearer does not dismiss the alarm as a false alarm, CareBand will automatically send an alert to the predetermined contact that an emergency has been detected.
  • Transmit the wearer’s precise indoor or outdoor location to assist emergency responders. In cases where other types of emergencies have occurred, the wearer can activate the emergency alert button to send out these alerts as well. 

Explore how CareBand can reduce risk and ensure safety.