Health & Safety

Living well with dementia

People living with dementia deserve to live with freedom, dignity, and safety. Their caregivers and loved ones deserve peace of mind.


This product is definitely needed. We pay a significant amount for the current market-leading product that does not provide CareBand's features.

AmandaMemory Care Director, Autumn Hills

For use across the continuum of care

Independent Living

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing

Delivering Peace of Mind

The CareBand system combines location, activity, and behavior insights to understand patterns and alert for early changes in condition. Designed to meet people where they are, the CareBand provides a set of flexibility and customization features.


Indoor & Outdoor Location Insights

Room-level location combined with outdoor location allows for safety monitoring.

Activity Detection

Embedded machine learning detects gestures and captures activities of daily living.

Built-in Help Button

A discrete help button enables you to activate with a simple press.

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