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There are 417 amusement parks in the United States, including theme parks, water parks, and amusement piers. The industry generates $12.8 billion dollars of revenue annually with DisneyLand alone drawing nearly 19 million visitors annually. Out of the more than 50,000 guests that DisneyLand hosts per day, it is not surprising that hundreds of children are separated from their parents each day.  Fortunately, the majority of these children are reunited with their parents in just a few minutes.

Despite Disney’s robust lost child policy and excellent track record of reuniting families, it is not uncommon for up to 30 children per day to end up separated from their parents long enough that they are brought to the lost children facility.  On one particularly busy day that number topped 200! Surely if Disney hasn’t been able to solve this problem, other operators have a daunting task ahead when faced with a child who has gone missing.

With CareBand, employees and parents never need to experience that feeling of helplessness again.

  • Parents can put a CareBand wearable on their child and easily link it to their smartphone.
  • If the child goes missing at any point, the parent can refer to the mobile app for their exact GPS location.
  • If a child loses sight of their parent, they can hit the button on the device to notify their parent that they’re lost and send their precise location.
  • If the child happens to be in a shop or building, the solution can even provide indoor location using state-of-the-art beacon technology.

CareBand is the ideal solution to both improve the guest experience and reduce the risks associated with missing children.

Explore how CareBand can help keep kids safe.