The CareBand Series

Powered by Third Wave, the CareBand Series is an innovative and unique set of wearables dedicated to low-power, high-performance safety, health, and productivity monitoring.


CareBand 2

The core indoor + outdoor location tracking, activity monitoring, and touch-activated button features of CareBand Series.


CareBand 3

The most compact CareBand wearable yet, with indoor location and activity detection combined with wireless charging and an on-body sensor.



CareBand 4

Features the same compact design as CB3, with the addition of a simple panic button. CB4 includes advanced sensor fusion for gesture recognition and indoor location tracking.


CareBand 5

Expanding the feature set to include outdoor location, CareBand 5 enables users to be located indoors and outdoors using the CareBand’s patented Hybrid Location or the panic button.

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CareBand 4 Demo Kit

CareBand 4 Demo Kit is an all-in-one package to explore use cases around the safety and health of people.




CareBand 3, 4 Charger

The CareBand Charger uses the wireless qi standard to charge the device quickly and reliably.


2-handed Locking Buckle

The patented locking buckle is a unique design that requires two hands to lock and unlock. It is flexible and can be exchanged on any 20mm watch band.

Long Range

Communication technology such as LoRa provides the foundation for CareBand wearables reaching up to a few miles.

Low Power

Power management techniques to reduce the battery consumption and extend battery

Wireless Charging

Simple qi charging with a wireless charging pad

Location Precision

Indoor location tracking down to the room or within the room with outdoor GPS tracking

Water Resistant

Built to be worn 24/7, it can withstand a shower with an IP65 rating

On Wrist Sensing

Sensor to know if a user is wearing the device or not; alerts can be generated on either state

Customization and Color Choice

Exchange any 20mm watch band with various CareBand wearable colors

Activity Based Messages

Configure wearables to send location updates based on distance change, time change, or amount of movement

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Long Range, Low Power Communication Technology

CareBand’s TinyML and Edge Computing

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