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Patient Tracking

Delirium is a condition brought on by stress and is characterized by confusion and abnormal behavior. It can be triggered by physical stressors to the body, such as urinary tract infections, or emotional stressors such as hospitalization. In fact, the condition affects 20% of people aged 65 and older who are hospitalized and nearly 80% of the same demographic who are treated in the ICU.

Unfortunately, delirium can be particularly difficult to diagnose in its most common form, hypoactive delirium, which is less obvious than the hyperactive presentation where the person is agitated and noisy. Furthermore, some people with delirium fluctuate between the two states. Delirium in a hospital setting may contribute to patient elopement, which puts the patient at risk of serious harm given their mental state.

CareBand provides an end-to-end solution to manage risks associated with patient elopement. Using state-of-the-art beacon technology and GPS, CareBand is able to monitor both indoor and outdoor locations. The accompanying software allows nursing staff to configure a geofence and to receive automated alerts if the wearer of the CareBand leaves the area. If elopement does occur, nursing staff can easily view real-time GPS location on the mobile application to help them safely locate the patient. Finally, the CareBand wearable comes complete with an alert button that the wearer can enable to notify nursing staff that they require assistance.

Keep track of where patients and staff are.