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COVID-19 Contact Tracing

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. Organizations from schools and businesses to healthcare facilities and sports teams are trying to get back to a new normal. Leaders in these organizations are balancing how to bring people back together but doing so in a way that helps manage risk. Social distancing measures, closures of common areas, and daily health screenings have become commonplace across the country and around the world. 

While organizational leaders are doing their best to keep people safe, they face an uphill battle. It’s difficult to assess how prevention measures are working and where resources can be diverted to best manage risk. If a case does occur, it’s a race against the clock to try to identify anyone who may have been exposed before further transmission occurs. At the same time, members of these communities have little insight into their personal risk and the risk their interactions pose to their loved ones.

SafeTrack is the solution for organization-level COVID management. SafeTrack is built wearable devices that use an advanced machine learning algorithm to detect proximity to one another. When the wearables detect that users are in violation of social distancing protocols, they vibrate to remind the wearers to take a step back. On top of that, the wearables keep track of how long they are in contact and automatically upload these anonymized interaction records to the SafeTrack cloud using a state of the art communication technology called LoRa. When a COVID case is confirmed, the system can automatically identify and notify anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 through text message, phone call, or email. SafeTrack administrators have visibility to where high-risk interactions are taking place so that they can respond with appropriate measures, and system users have access to the SafeTrack mobile application where they can view statistics such as their personal risk level and a history of interactions with proximity and duration.

Comfortable wrist-worn wearable

Uses cost-effective LoRaWAN technology

Customizable web & mobile software

Flexible APIs for custom development

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