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Dogs are a man’s best friend, and the 38% of American households that have a dog would agree. The American Humane Society estimates that one third of our furry friends will go missing at some point in their lifetime and that 10 million pets are lost every year in the United States alone. Unfortunately for these pets and their devastated owners, 80% are never found. 

The voluntary process of microchipping our pets has been on the rise to help combat the problem, and is clearly a great start since dogs and cats that are not microchipped are only reunited with their owners 15% and 2% of the time respectively. Unfortunately though, microchipping still has limitations in that it relies on someone bringing the lost animal to a shelter or veterinary that is able to read the microchip. Meanwhile, the owner is frantically searching for the pet and the animal is subject to dangers such as traffic, dangerous weather, and lack of food.

CareBand is the solution for pet owners who want to ensure their fur babies are never left out in the cold.

  • The software allows pet parents to configure a geofence and to receive automated alerts if their pet takes off chasing a squirrel
  • Pet owners can easily view real-time GPS location on the mobile application to help them safely locate the animal
  • If a neighbor finds the pet before the owner realizes it’s gone, they can push the alert button to notify the owner of their pet’s whereabouts.

Explore how CareBand can help pets stay safe and healthy.