The ultimate technology enhancement for residential dementia care.

CareBand combines cutting-edge location and activity monitoring technologies with brilliant design to empower people with dementia and their caregivers.

Our Mission

 At CareBand, we strive to reduce death and injuries due to dementia-related wandering, while enhancing the quality of life for those living with dementia through proactive technology.

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All Residents Located in Real Time

CareBand software visually locates all residents. It is accessible to caregivers at their workstation and on mobile devices and can be programmed to send notifications about a resident’s movement or behavior trend.

Track Location Up to a Few Miles Outdoors using LoRa

No other technology offers pinpoint location capabilities during the critical moments after an elopement.

Predictive Analytics and Daily Reporting

CareBand uses algorithms to analyze daily activities for indicators of UTIs, cognitive decline, and other complications.  The system can also develop daily activity reports for family members.

Built with operations in mind

A long-lasting battery, 3-year shelf life, and waterproof design makes CareBand easy to operationalize and manage.


Our Team

<b>Adam Sobol</b>
Adam SobolFounder & CEO
<b>Zack Ottenstein</b>
Zack OttensteinCMO
<b>Paul Sheldon</b>
Paul SheldonPrincipal Systems Architect
<b>Steven Chen</b>
Steven ChenProduct Manager
<b>Grishma Reddy</b>
Grishma ReddyResearch Manager
<b>Scott Dorsey</b>
Scott DorseyAdvisor
<b>Dr. Todd Sobol</b>
Dr. Todd SobolAdvisor
<b>Vivek Mohan</b>
Vivek MohanAdvisor
<b>Phyllis Gaspar</b>
Phyllis GasparAdvisor
<b>Harish Natarahjan</b>
Harish NatarahjanAdvisor

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