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The ultimate technology enhancement for residential dementia care.

CareBand combines cutting-edge location and activity monitoring technologies with brilliant design to empower people with dementia and their caregivers.

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Our Mission

 At CareBand, we strive to eliminate loss of life and reduce injuries due to dementia-related wandering, while enhancing quality of life for those living with dementia through proactive AI-powered analytics.

Powerful Innovation

CareBand packs unparalleled location-tracking, activity-tracking and diagnostic power in a comfortable, minimally restrictive design.

Stay in the know 

CareBand software visually locates all residents. It is accessible to caregivers at their workstation and on mobile devices and can be programmed to send notifications about a resident’s movement or behavior trend.

Know where residents are 24/7

CareBand’s unique location positioning technology makes it simple to track residents indoors and outdoors. This provides residents the freedom to go for a walk in the courtyard or around the facility.

Built with operations in mind

A long-lasting battery, 10-year shelf life, and waterproof design makes CareBand easy to operationalize and manage.

Our Story

Inspired by his father’s work in geriatric medicine and the power of smart technology, our founder, Adam Sobol, started this company with the vision of keeping seniors safe and providing peace of mind for families and caregivers. CareBand is well supported by expert engineers, medical directors with years of clinical knowledge, and a team of experienced entrepreneurs; a combination of minds which ensures that CareBand will change the world of senior care. 

Our focus has stayed the same since we began. We understand how challenging caring for individuals living with dementia can be. Our team is passionate about senior care and driven by our mission to serve seniors, their families and caregivers.

Family Benefits

CareBand enables peace of mind and satisfaction of care, helping connect families to facilities. Using CareBand’s mobile app, loved ones even can check in on residents remotely.

Resident Benefits

CareBand keeps residents safe and secure in the least restrictive manner possible. Enabling seniors to stay independent and walk around–even outside–while remaining safe.

Caregiver Benefits

CareBand makes it easier for caregivers to manage residents with dementia. By viewing and interacting with resident trends in CareBand’s mobile portal, caregivers can ensure residents are receiving the highest standard of care.


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