Contact tracing is a necessary part of coordinated pandemic response. Contact tracing allows public health officials to get ahead of the spread of disease by tracing contact between infected and exposed victims.


Contact tracing technologies are poised to make their way into the mainstream. Many workplaces are already starting to use contact tracing services in addition to other precautions such as social distancing and quarantining. SafeTrack is a wearable public health solution that can be used for contact tracing, proximity monitoring, and more.


However, many people are hesitant to adopt the new tech, citing privacy and workplace efficiency concerns. We are here to dispel some myths regarding SafeTrak and contact tracing technologies in general.

1. Exact Location Tracking

Many people are worried that contact tracing devices will record their exact location at all times. In actuality, most contact tracing services do not automatically record exact locations, although many can be configured to do so. Rather, contact tracing services simply record the ID’s of people that you interact with over the day. This data is then used to trace contacts in the case that an infection is identified.


SafeTrack does not record exact location data. SafeTrack uses LPWAN’s to transmit data between computing devices but does not automatically record locations. However, you can turn on SafeTrack’s geolocation tracking services which will give you location data within 50-100 meters. The accuracy of SafeTrack geolocation depends on the environment and radio frequency penetration. SafeTrack’s indoor location tracking can be turned on to provide room or intra-room level accuracy as well.

2. Will Alert You of Who Is COVID Positive Around You

Another common worry about contact tracing services is that they will be used to invade privacy. No doubt, the idea that your name is on a list and will be released if you get sick is worrisome. In fact, privacy concerns are one major reason why people are hesitant to partake in contact tracing programs, in general.


SafeTrack does not record any personal information. All contact tracing is performed anonymously and only your device ID number is recorded during contact. SafeTrack does not require your email address, phone number, or even your name.


Moreover, all notifications are not performed in real-time. If an infection is identified, then notifications are sent within 1 to 6 hours after an interaction occurs. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy being violated, or any sensitive medical information being leaked.

3. It Only Works In Countries with a Full LoRaWAN Network

SafeTrack devices are designed with LoRaWAN functionality in mind. The main benefit of LoRaWANs is that they can send information over long distances with very minimal dispersion and minimal power usage. LoRaWANs offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative to WiFi and cellular networks that are often used for data transfer.


However, not every place has LoRaWAN infrastructure. Fortunately, that is not a problem for SafeTrack, SafeTrack can store data on the devices and bring it up whenever it’s needed. So if you are in one place with a functioning LoRaWAN system then leave, SafeTrack keeps track of any necessary data and will start transmitting one you are back on. Data can also be uploaded externally.


SafeTrack networks are inherently flexible. You can create a network architecture across a city, neighborhood, or even a single building. SafeTrack is also compatible with public networks such as The Things Network and Helium. These kinds of network options open up more flexibility for setting up your SafeTrack devices and networks.

4. Your Privacy Won’t be Protect and the Technology Will Only Be Abused

As we stated earlier, privacy of personal information is one big concern with contact tracing technology. How do you know that the system won’t be hacked and your personal information was stolen? What if people can use the service to track your location in real-time? No doubt that worries about privacy are particularly pressing given the history that tech companies have selling customer personal data.


Fortunately, SafeTrack is designed with the latest security protocols. SafeTrack’s security systems are built using the same exposure notification systems that Apple and Google have developed for contact tracing efforts. SafeTrack’s security protocols take advantage of international modifications, These modifications enhance personal privacy and allow the tech to take advantage of LPWAN protocols.


This makes SafeTrack’s network as safe as it can be. You will not have to worry about your personal information being stolen, and all data is collected anonymously. Moreover, privacy is not a one time deal. The SafeTrack team stays up to date on security protocols and works to mitigate cybersecurity risk and potential privacy issues.

5. Contact Tracing Can Restart an Outbreak

A lot of people seem to think that tracing contacts can cause more outbreaks, but exposing more people to the disease. This is false though. Contact tracing alone cannot cause a separate outbreak. Contract tracing on its own is simply tracing the spread of disease with the goal of preventing further spread. In fact, contact tracing is an extremely important part of containing an outbreak. Contact tracing has been demonstrated to be an extremely effective means of preventing the spread of disease.


Contact tracing is likely necessary to get nations back on their feet. Countries that were very successful at stopping the spread of COVID-19 did so through pre-emptive and aggressive contact tracing, testing, and quarantine measures. SafeTrack offers a scalable digital solution to manage contact tracing for COVID-19.


Contact tracing services could be the key to preventing and managing the spread of COVID-19. However, many myths and exaggerations surrounding the technology When used properly, contact tracing is a major factor in pandemic response. SafeTrack’s wearable solutions provide a digital infrastructure for contact tracing and proximity monitoring.


You do not have to worry about privacy either. SafeTrack’s protocols are made with a high level of security. So you can wear SafeTrack devices and be completely secure. It is important to have a clear idea of the tech and its limitations so that people can use the systems in an educated and effective manner.